Since 2010 we were in the stream of cultivation the liveliness of the art as tattoos in the society and now we are in the process of harvesting the beauty of our imagination. When it comes to the actual means of tattoo arts, we do believe that the public has a greater exposure towards the tattoos nowadays than the possibility in the past decades. It’s not because of the popularity but because of the scenic value that has being developed with the expertise.

As per the culture of tattoos implemented now, people seek for tattoos and the revenue has grown up. Tattoo has become a trend and a wearable fashion.

Mr. Gunendra Dias, was the first artistic eye to initiate the journal. We are a family effort which has become a reality of a dream came true and this is not just a business.

  • This is our passion.
  • This is our family.
  • This is our inspiration
  • This is our living
  • This is our everything

However Mr. Nirmal Dias is the present director of the TATTOO PARADISE. That’s not an elementary work to begin with in resulting a blazing outcome. The strenuous efforts and limitless dedications lying on a trusted base can only lead to such an enthusiasm. Nirmal along with these decades of outrageous practice has fine-tuned himself to be an extraordinary master. TATTOO PARADISE is a collection of concepts, expectations soles, dreams, strengths and compatibilities together. We do what we love and what we have borne for. We love what we do on the other hands. When profession you choose for living become your art and your wish, it’s needless to mention that the blossoms of the successful stories bloom around each and every corner in the island. TATTOO PARADISE from the entrance to the exit, it’s like a journey experienced from the stage of the start of the tattoo to the end of the scenic process. It is an amazing chain of sum of processes which will transmit a fashion , an amazement a feeling, a wonder, a dream, an art came live. That is what makes us WHO WE ARE………………

Our Strategy

We do not have and financial intentions running behind our customers and influencing them to get tattooed.

Our strategy is very simple


Tattooing is living more than earning for us

Our back strength is the faith and the qualitative belief that we have tattooed within the hearts of our customers and the society. Due all these decades of practice we are proud to say that we have a fresh and trendy population visiting us everyday to experience the goodness of our fine arts and the service at TATTOO PARADISE.

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