• Tattoo is a place where in meets a living canvas as per our definition.
  • Tattoo is a mode of communication via an artistic touch.
  • Tattoo is a depiction of a feeling or an expression.
  • Tattoo is a live story.
  • Tattoo is a culture.
  • Tattoo is a modification.
  • Tattoo is a form of proposition.
  • Tattoo is identification.
  • Tattoo is visualization.
  • Tattoo is an abstraction.
  • Tattoo is a conceptualization

For us at TATTOO PARADISE tattoo is everything. When it comes to the tattoo definitions, it may be differ from one individual to another. The technical background is to insert ink, dyes or pigments temporally or indelibly in to the layer of the skin. Nonetheless to change composition or prick the skin, just to change the pigmentation of the dermis.

Tattoos may be fall in to three major categories:

  1. Purely decorative: as a matter of fashion
  2. Symbolic: as specifically meaning pertinent to wear
  3. Pictorial: as a depiction of something or someone

When it comes to the ancient eras of tattoos, it may refer an uncivilized regards and was having vast association of populations like sailors, working men or criminals. But with the development by the latter centuries, the tattoo practice seemed to be more accessible and acceptable. At the present stages tattoo arts have conquered the art modifications and the society approach. With no any differences amongst all the countries, nationalities, diversities, societies, cultures, economies and sexes tattoo has become a universal language to express uniqueness. Tattoos can communicate the desires and the counterparts of an individual. At present tattoo arts are more popular among the communities which can as they can resemble their thoughts without any age groups or guys. The major fact behind these stories is that the tattoo art culture has immersed particularly with the correct practice has become a subject and a curriculum in acquisition of the technological and artistic aspects with exact methodological advancements and innovations. Today tattoo art has become a professional practice which the living canvases or bodies that can experience a perfect artistic sophistication with a furnished gratification.