Shenali Dias

Tattoo Artist

Shenali Dias is the daughter of Gunendra Dias and the little sister for Master Nirmal Ruvinda Dias: the proprietorship at Tattoo Paradise.

Since schooling she had an interest and a favor towards arts and cultural aspects. Her passion towards arts has lead her to be influenced with tattoo art practices.

She was integrated to be trained at the tattoo paradise crew since she was 18. that can be considered as the milestone which she started her career.

she had being an exemplary character and a fast learner at the tattoo paradise being a tattoo art culture and for sure based on the family inheritance she started her career when she was 18 years old.

She started her career at TATTOO PARADISE as an apprentice and her favorite tattoo styles are mandala and line works.

Shenali has managed her career started as an apprentice and has swifted to reach the standard of an artist due to her talent as well as the maximum dedication.

Shenali was the youngest and the first female student at Nirmal’s Academy of LIving Arts.