About Nirmal

Lead Tattoo Artist


It has been over a decade since Nirmal’s ink touched its first canvas. His skill in art was handed down from his farther Gunendra Dias, whose skill and love for art has driven him to a life of simple pleasures understood by only the most skilled artists. Nirmal’s craft has refined over the years and has become a form of art sort after by many. From humble beginnings to greener pastures, Nirmal has constantly and relentlessly pounded his craft and has cultured his talent in his pursuit of mastering the art – his canvas has curves and brush a needle.

How it started

I fell in love with tattoos during school years. I have a very artistic family and I have always had a passion for art. I saw tattoos as a different type of art, it was more alive, more intimate and it felt more real. I started by studying the art, its history, culture and the passion surrounding the art. The more I learnt the more my passion grew. I started off with a tattoo machine I made myself, it wasn’t fancy but it did the job. I worked on myself and the friends and family who were brave enough to let me work on them. I took my time to learn, took my time to come as close to perfection as I could.

With time I was lucky enough to earn a professional tattoo kit, it was a gift by Amy Shmaefsky who sent the kit all the way from USA so I can better my craft. The rest is history I guess, I worked harder and built the business ground up. I had a bunch of good friends and a supporting family who was there during all the ups and downs, I owe it to them for being there for me.

The driving force

I love what I do! It’s that simple. Yes it requires a lot of hard work and continuous focus and dedication but it’s easy when you love what you do.

The harder I worked the more I learn and the more I learnthe more there was for me to learn. I admire the work of other artists. I study everybody’s work. I admire its beauty, its complexity, the amount of thought and work that goes into each piece of creation, each style is as unique as a finger print. Art is ever evolving and if you can open your mind to it, anything is possible.

The difference

I believe in quality and to provide our services at a reasonable price. We want to show what we can do and for everybody to experience it. I think everybody who wants a tattoo should get one and we don’t restrict that by stamping a high price label. I like to sit down with the customer, understand what their thoughts are, what they want to say from their tattoo… a tattoo should always have a message, it’s how you show who you are on the inside. We try and work with the customer and explain the message through the art, bring in different styles to take their concept to the next level and make it one of a kind.

Style, specialty and signatures

I like to working on black and grey tattoos, 3D and styles of the great East, where tattoos are not just a work of art but has a deep rooted bond with their history, traditions and their way of life. Every tattoo I do teaches me more about their rich culture and helps me find a little bit more about myself.

I always like to work on unique designs which brings out the characteristic of an individual. There are so many reasons someone would get a tattoo – tradition, history, honor, love, sex, style, fashion, art, attitude etc. Finding this reason and giving the customer what they want to portray through their tattoo is the most satisfying work I could do.