About Ashan

Tattoo Artist


The third member of the Trio is Ashan. Ashan has been training under both Nirmal and Yasheera from the beginning of his apprentice ship. He is being molded by the brothers to stand out as an artist of his own. Ashan always had an eye for detail and he is put it and his skill with the needle to good use.

Why tattoos are important

Tattooing is an ancient form of art, and in many cultures it carries tradition and honor to the person who is wearing it. Tattoos are not only about art, it has a much deeper meaning and value. Many cultures believe that it is the outer representation of the soul and like the soul each work of art is unique to that individual. The curves, lines, edges, shadings, color variations, how a tattoo settles and ages on a body is different from person to person.

Like each artist is different, so are the tattoos they create. We pay great attention to what our customers want and turn their thoughts and ideas into a living work of art.

Tattooing as a carrier

Tattooing is not really a carrier, ask any artist, they don’t do it thinking of a carrier, they do it because they love what they do. It’s the same for a tattoo artist, we do what we do because we love to do it. I have been training under Nirmal and Yasheera for a long time. They have taught me a lot, even today I like to look at them work, there is so much love and effort they pour into each tattoo they do and it’s amazing to watch. They have inspired me to no end and I have been working very hard for a long time.

With all the molding and guiding I have been able to develop my own style and I want to develop it further. Every artist has to work hard to develop their skill and with time and skill one can hope to master their art.

Style, specialty and signatures

I like to work with tribal, symbols, maori and so on. For on lookers it can be a simple design, but for the person getting it, it can have so much meaning and personal value. The tattoos I work on tries to bring out the feelings of an individual. For example the symbol can mean courage or honor, but there could be a story behind it that drove him to get a tattoo, and that story is worth listening to.